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Lumber River Expeditions

Lumber River Kayak Camping

It may not be Spring but it sure feels like it! Join us for a down river paddle on the natural and scenic Lumber River. Our adventure takes us from the Lumber River State Park to our take out in the Town of Fair Bluff. Along the way expect to see plenty of wildlife, including white and blue heron, duck, red tail hawk and bard owls. River otter, deer and fox can also be spotted along the banks of the Lumber. We make camp on a wide sandy beach approximately 2 miles above out take out in Fair Bluff. We will supply all kayak related gear and dinner that night on the river. You bring your camping gear and beverage of choice. Join as we celebrate the coming of Spring with a scenic paddle and overnight camping on the Lumber River!

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Fair Bluff, NC to Nichols, SC

We depart at the river access point just off Downtown Fair Bluff. The town quickly recedes as we paddle one of the most unobstructed sections of the Lumber River. A wide variety of birdlife is visible along this route. The river maintains its national Wild and Scenic designation until our passage into South Carolina and our take out point at Rice Cove Landing.

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ROUTE: Fair Bluff, NC to Nichols, SC

DISTANCE: 16.4 miles

RATING: Advanced


PRICE: $90

Princess Ann to Fair Bluff

We depart from Lumber River State Park at Princess Ann. At the put-in, this route offers a wide open vista of the river for the first half mile. Wildlife along this section is diverse with sightings of deer, beaver, mink, raccoon and ducks possible. Water levels are also a bit lower along the route and provide the opportunity to step out onto one of the many sand bars to take a dip.

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DISTANCE: 11.3 miles

RATING: Intermediate


PRICE: $80

Boardman to Princess Ann

This program is a good introduction to the Lumber River. We drop in at the Boardman put-in and paddle down river to the Lumber River State Park where we pull out at the Princess Ann landing. The river remains wide at the start of our program, but over the first miles it starts to twist and turn around sand bars and Cypress trees where the more primordial features of the Lumber River reveal themselves. Towards the end of the paddle we will observe the strange hydrodynamic occurrence of "Griffin's Whorl," a circular swirl of water just above our take out.

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ROUTE: Boardman to Princess Ann

DISTANCE: 8.4 Miles

RATING: Beginner


PRICE: $60

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