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Downtown Paddle Bound.

In continuing my series on places to paddle, prior to Memorial Day, we now go to Dram Tree Park. Located at the base of Castle Street, this public access point features a floating kayak/canoe platform that makes putting in and taking out a simple affair. This is important, as the current in this section of the Cape Fear can be quite strong. But don't let that discourage you from exploring this unique stretch of water. Once you begin paddling off the platform you can track the River Walk, which gives you a unique view of Downtown.  From here, you can cross over to the Battleship North Carolina. Entering the lagoon, you can catch a break from current, and, if the tides are right you can paddle around the Battleship. While many people have been on or in the Battleship, few have glimpsed it from this perspective! Working your way below the Isabella Holmes Bridge you will enter the marshes of Eagle Island. Keep your eyes peeled for osprey, Bald Eagle, and maybe an alligator or two. On your right side you may spot what looks like a small raised marsh separate from the marshland. On closer inspection you will discover it to be the wreck of a Civil War vessel, the bones rusted and decayed, but still evident. From here you can work your way back to the River Walk side and track the waterfront back to your take out at Dram Tree. While tides can be strong through this section of the Cape Fear, staying far left or right will keep you out of the main current.  You can also beat a lot of motorized boat traffic by exploring Eagle Island over the next two months, prior to summer.  


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Summer is on the way out as we approach the end of August. As always, it seemed to fly by way too quickly. But it's always nice to transition from the muggy days of late summer into the dry, cooler da...


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