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Birding by Kayak

One of the best aspects of paddling, is being able to explore areas that are only accessible by small boat. This also enables you to observe wildlife in a more intimate way. The Fall is an excellent tiime to observe a wide variety of bird life. You can also spot migratory species that pass through Southeastern, NC on their way South.  River Road Park provides an excellent location to access Shark's Tooth and Keg Island, both of which provide good habitat for shore birds. At low tide you can see heron, egret, and ibis wading along the marshes of Keg, hunting for a meal. Osprey are also commonly spotted circling over head, scoping the water for fish. If you are really lucky, you might spot Bald Eagle along this route. They can sometimes be spotted roosting in the pine stands towards the end of Keg Island. I spotted an adult and juvenile ambling along the the rocky shoreline of Shark's Tooth at low tide, earlier this summer. Oddly, Keg Island also seems to draw a fair number of turkey vultures. There would seem to be very little in the way of food for these birds of prey. However, a couple of years ago I was paddling around Keg when I came upon a large group of turkey vultures huddled together on the ground. I spooked them, and as they took flight they revealed the carcass of an Atlantic Sturgeon. This preshistoric fish resembles a giant cat fish, and must have been at least six feet in length. That's a pretty serious buffett for a turkey vulture! never know what kind of bird life you might oberve while out kayaking this time year. Enjoy! 


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The water quality of the Cape Fear River was a major concern in 2017. There is no doubt that it will be an issue in 2018 as well. Rivers have long served farm and town as depositories for animal waste...


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