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A Gator Tale

The American Alligator is once again in the news in Southeastern, NC. Not because of any specific incident, but simply because they are here, and have been for a very long time. Whether or not the gator population in our area is growing, is speculative. The increased volume in human population in our area is undeniable. So, considered a different way, does the increase in the human population mean an increase in gator sightings? I would have to say yes. The American Alligator,(unlike the crocodile) is not an aggressive species. They tend to shy away from human contact. But they are territorial, and must establish an aquatic habitat of their own within 3 to 4 years of age. The truth is, if you like to observe alligators, you can almost always locate one. If you're not so fond of gators, you can almost always find a place to paddle where you won't encounter one. Does that mean they're not present? Of course not. I was paddling the Sharks Tooth/Keg Island chain yesterday, when my group and I met a family hunting for sharks teeth on Keg. They wondered if we had seen the alligator tracks.  We hadn't. They offered to point them out, and sure enough, you could easily see the tail and claw marks in the sand and follow the gator's trail. Naturally the next question was, where did it go?  We got back on the water and began paddling along Keg. One member of our group was a bit spooked by the alligator tracks.  Alligators, (just like sharks in the ocean) are a simple fact of life in Southeastern, NC.  You know they are out there, but that shouldn't prevent you from exploring both fresh and salt water environments. How you hold that knowledge in your mind, and how you respond it is the crucial part. More on that to come....


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Summer is on the way out as we approach the end of August. As always, it seemed to fly by way too quickly. But it's always nice to transition from the muggy days of late summer into the dry, cooler da...


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