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Lumbering On!

For the last installment in my series on spring and summer paddling escapes, I'll be focusing on the Lumber River.  The Lumber, like the Black, is dark in hue because of the tannins that leech into the water. It's also rain dependent for water levels and runs high or low depending on precipitation. The Lumber famously experienced record flooding during Hurricane Mathew, but water levels have since returned to normal. The Lumber River State Park is a good place to start your journey on the river. The park has ample parking, rest rooms, camping options and a good put in.  Starting at the state park, you can paddle the 12 miles down river to your take out in the town of Fair Bluff. This is a point to point paddle, so you'll need to leave a vehicle in Fair Bluff for the shuttle back to the park. This stretch of the river has very little development and very little boat traffic, outside of canoes, kayaks, and a john boat or two. Wildlife is abundant, with bear, deer, otter and beaver frequently sighted. Ibis, heron, and osprey can also be seen in flight or hunting for fish on the banks. When water levels are low, there are numerous sand bars that provide a good spot to pull off for lunch or a swim. Water temps hover around 80 degrees, which makes for a refreshing dip during the hot summer months. The Lumber has received national designation as a natural and scenic river.  Once you paddle it for yourself, it's easy to see why!


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With Thanksgiving less than a week away, I'd like to pause in brief appreciation for the bird that is so closely associated with the holiday. Whether or not the pilgrims sat down to that first histori...


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