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    It s Coastal Camp week with YMCA Camp Hanes For the last three years The Expedition Organization has... read more
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Memorial Day Madness

Memorial Day is right around the corner, and then the summer season is upon us. No it's not officially summer, but it sure feels that way. We are only half way through May, but this weeks temps are making it feel more like June. So as the crush of humanity descends on Southeastern, North Carolina, where to find an oasis? Believe it or not, despite the volume of development and the population swell, there are still wild places to explore by kayak right here in the Wilmington area. One of the best access points for paddlers, is River Road Park. The access is not graded, so large boats can't launch from here, making it ideal for canoes, kayaks, and other small vessels. Sharks Tooth, Keg, and Campbell Island are the big draw here. These primitive islands are fun to explore and sharks teeth, fossils, and Native American pottery shards can found there. For the really adventurous, skip the islands and paddle towards the Port of Wilmington and Downtown. You can turn this into a point to point paddle by leaving one car at River Road Park and another at the take out at Dram Tree Park. This eight mile paddle will enable you to explore a primitive island chain as you make your way through the Port and to your take out in Downtown. And best of all, you and your fellow paddlers may be the only boaters exploring this section of the Cape Fear River. Once you take out at Dram Tree, you can follow it up with Lunch and a few celebratory beers at the Waterline Brewery.  A truly unique paddle from start to finish! 


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It's Coastal Camp week with YMCA Camp Hanes. For the last three years, The Expedition Organization has provided logistical support, outfitting, and educational programming during a 5 day adventure in ...


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