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We are surrounded by water here in Southeastern, North Carolina. Wilmington is bordered by both the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean. Surprisingly, there are many residents here who rarely recreate on our abundant waterways. The reasons are varied, but the main hurdle for many, is access. And by access I mean both physical and socioeconomic. In some communities there are simply not very many public access points to launch a boat, cast a line out, or swim. This has only grown more challenging as residential and commercial development has picked up speed in the last couple of years. We are lucky that our Mayor sees parks, greenways, and blueways as important to the health of the county and city. Property, particularly close to, or bordering the water is understandably hard to come by. So, any time we can pass a parks bond we should celebrate. Socioeconomic access is another barrier to recreation on our area waterways. Some residents simply don't have the money or transportation needed in order to get onto the water. Some programs provide financial assistance and transportation to public parks and access points. Unfortunately, this is usually a one off experience. How we address access for all residents will become increasingly important as Southeastern, North Carolina continues to grow and develop. I'll continue to address this topic in the next couple of posts.


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It's Coastal Camp week with YMCA Camp Hanes. For the last three years, The Expedition Organization has provided logistical support, outfitting, and educational programming during a 5 day adventure in ...


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