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November Rain.

It's always sad to see October come to a close. It's typicallly one of the prettiest months in Southeastern, NC, and one of my favorite months to paddle. The humidity has dropped off, leaving cool mornings and evenings and warm, dry, and sunny afternoons. This Fall has been a little different. If we have not set records for rain fall, we must have gotten close. Many rivers, which usually see levels drop off this time of year, are running high instead. The mosquito population is, well, robust. And the start of November has been both wet and warm. How does this impact paddling? Not much if you are primarily a day tripper. You might want to check water levels prior to paddling some rivers and creeks. You also may be lacking real estate on which to land for a lunch or bathroom break. You would also want to pack some insect repellent. For those who like to kayak camp this time of year, you may want to hold off for another month or two. Your favorite beach or landing spot could well be under water. That might require you to camp further in land where the insect life would love to meet you. The upside is that December and even January provide days and nights that are ideal for kayak camping. Let's hope the rest of November stays on the dry side. In the mean time, enjoy the warms temps and keep your paddle wet!


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