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 It's February 2nd, and that means it's Groundhog Day of course. Will Phil predict 6 more weeks of winter, or will we catch a break? In six weeks time the weather will begin to shift. The days will be getting longer and as we approach April the temps will begin to climb. I always get excited this time of year, because the new year is just beginning. I start to book groups and consider what 2015 will be like. While The Expedition Organization has offerred kayak camping for years, it' always been a one night affair. That changes this summer. We will be partnering with YMCA Camp Hanes to offer 5 day kayak adventure camps. These camps will comprise 3 counselors, and 10 campers between the ages of 12 and 15. They will begin on a Monday and wrap up on a Saturday. The campers will paddle through the Cape Fear River and wrap up at Masonboro Island. This 5 day experience pulls together some of our most popular day routes in a week long kayak camping adventure. More to come on what should be an amazing week of paddling!


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