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Kayaking the Cape Fear: Part 2.

 Last week we looking at some kayak camping essentials to make your experience both comfortable and fun. Once you are properly outfitted, the next question is, where to go? One of the great aspects of living in Southeastern, NC, is the wide variety of kayak camping locales. There are a couple of key considerations before making that first camping excursion. The first is facilities, or no facilities. There are some folks who can make do with mother nature's accomodations, and others who require a flushing toilet to keep them happy. Most people know which category they fall in. There, is however, a middle ground option. When I kayak camp I pack what's know as the Luga-loo. Basically, this is just a plastic toilet lid that fits on a five gallon bucket. Fancy it's not, but it get's the job done. If you go this route, make sure you pack a foldable shovel to dispose of the, uh, deposits. Both the foldable shovel and plastic toilet lid can be found at Dick's Sporting Goods. OK, so you got this angle worked out, now where to camp? Let's start with the black water rivers. The Black and the Lumber River are great for kayak camping for several reasons. One, most of the sand bars and beaches that line these rivers are fair game for camping. You are welcome to pull off the water and camp with no reservations or fees. These areas provide river side camping that is both scenic and easy to access. A couple of things to bear in mind when selecting your site. If you notice a road leading into the area, this is probably priviate property and should be avoided. Signs will usually indicate this, but not always. Also, pay attention to water levels. Both these rivers fluctuate with rainfall. At low levels their are plenty of camping spots. However with sudden rainfall, your ideal camping location may vanish, along with you and all your gear. Next week we look at kayak camping in coastal locations. 


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