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Let's Get Lost...

 Let's get lost in a romantic dream. Let's get lost on a black water stream. Ok, the first line was Chet Baker's, and I improvised the second one. Back to our theme of getting lost; let's consider what you need in order to do a proper job of it. First, you need a put in location.  You can select this randomly by just driving around a body of water and looking for an access point, or you can use a tried and true put in. Secondly, you need provisions. Plenty of food and water are essential, as you are not exactly sure how long your paddle will last. A first aid kit, matches, and a fresh set of cloths in a dry bag come next. But once you do take out, how do you get back where you started? This is where your paddling pals come in. Once you decide on a take out, you'll need to place that pickup call; so make sure you have a well charged mobile ideally equipped with GPS. You can return the favor and play driver when your buddies chart their own lost excursion. Beyond the novelty and adventure of planning to get lost, you also discover fresh routes and new areas to explore. While this experience will pull you out of your comfort zone, that's half the reason for doing it. For most of us, paddling is about exploring and accessing areas that can't be scene any other way. So go ahead and get lost some times. You can go solo or bring a friend. You could even bring some Chet Baker along if that floats your boat. 


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