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Winterize Your Paddle: Part 2

Paddling in the winter can be a safe and enjoyable experience. Even when temps are on the chilly side, with a little prior planning, you can stay warm and happy. Clothing, of course, would be the first place to start. A neoprene set of booties may not keep your feet dry, but they will keep them warm. Layer up with moisture wicking shorts and pants on top of that. Same goes for t-shirt and long sleeve base layer. I prefer to use a light, water resistant jacket that allows maximum range of motion. A good pair of gloves always comes in handy,(no pun intended)and a beany is a must to keep the heat from escaping the old noggin. You should be carrying a dry bag with most, if not all of the items listed above. In addition you should also pack waterproof matches, a hand towel, and some protein rich energy bars. If, under unfortunate circumstances, you roll your boat, you'll need to change into dry clothing ASAP to avoid going hypothermic. Those are the essentials. Next week we'll look at some optional items to spice up your winter paddling.


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