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If you take 421 North out of Wilmington and drive approximately 40 or so miles, you will come upon the town of Ivanhoe. Just beyond here is the historic Ivanhoe Church built in 1740. A hundred or so yards past the church and cemetery is the wildlife access boat ramp. Dropping you boat in here will begin a 7.6 mile paddle to Beatty's Bridge. Most of this paddle features little to no development. While the oldest Bald Cypress trees are further down stream beyond the bridge, you can expect to see some trees in the 700 to 800 year range. You'll know them when you see them. With their beveled and hollowed out trunks, they are easy to spot. While appearing at first to be dead, they are very much alive. On this stretch of the Black you can expect wide open straight sections with a mix of twists and turns. While a bit of an obstacle course in a few areas, water levels are still deep enough to spend most of your time paddling. Portaging might be necessary once or twice. At about mile 3 you will come upon some high bluffs on your right. Water levels here remain at 15 to 20 feet. During the summer months this is an excellent area to swim in. If brave enough, you can jump off the bluffs into the water. The last mile is wide, unobstructed stretch of river. Coming around a bend to the left, the bridge becomes visible. Your adventure on the Black is almost over, for now...


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